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We reguarly deliver workshops on theatre-making with students of all ages. 

Our workshop offer includes:

- Directing devised theatre

- Starting a theatre company / self producing

- Theatre-making and climate activism

- Making theatre for social change

- Sustainable theatre-making

“The facilitators were lovely, listened to everyone fully and didn't make me feel pressured. They made sure everyone understood what they were doing and were open minded to any accessibility issues that arised.”

Workshop Participant, BURNOUT Activist Sessions


"They were able to draw on their own work and create exercises that inspired and challenged the students and gave them practical tools to develop their own projects confidently!"

Nohar Lazarovich, Lecturer of MA Advanced Theatre Practice, Central School of Speech and Drama

"The workshop was great and I felt that the students really benefited from the exercises as well as the conversation about the complexity of making theatre around climate justice."

Marilena Zaroulia - Lecturer of BA Contemporary Performance Proctice, Central School of Speech & Drama

To find out more and book a workshop contact Caitlin on

SHYBAIRN THEATRE LTD. ! | London / Newcastle, UK | 2021

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