working with

climate activists

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A big part of creating BURNOUT has involved working with a group of climate activists to learn about theatre and activism, informing our process and show.

Across March and April 2021, we held 3 online consultations with 8 activists via Zoom.


The aim of these consultations was to...

• Engage like-minded climate activists with shared frustrations.

• Learn how theatre and activism can engage social change.

• Explore different experiences in creative ways.

• Host a space for people to have their concerns listened to.

• Co-create a manifesto of demands for the show.

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Screenshot of a Zoom session with 9 people.

Each session was 2 hours long, exploring different theatre making techniques and facilitating discussions around climate activism, burnout and how we can creatively raise awareness of the issues experienced in activism.

A common thread between the activists was the shared negative experience of burning out whilst doing activism, especially those who are working class and/or people of colour.

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Throughout the sessions, we created a Manifesto of demands: this was a set of ideals that the activists wanted ShyBairn to adhere to whilst making 'BURNOUT' as well as ideas for the future.

Our hope is to continue to work with this group of activists to inform our show making processes and to work together to combat burnout within activism.

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