SHYBAIRN devise live performance for social change.

We collaborate with artists, communities and individuals to make theatre which explores socio-economic and environmental issues affecting the UK today. We devise live performance in playful and accessible forms. We champion artists and stories from lower-socio economic backgrounds, female/non-binary led work and northern voices. We put issues concerning contemporary Britain centre stage, affecting social change through the minds of our audiences.

SHYBAIRN comes from the geordie phrase “shy bairns get nowt,” which means ‘shy kids get nothing’ or ‘if you don’t ask you don’t get.’ We are a collective of shy bairns, speaking up when no-one else will.


To present original work 

To make work collaboratively, always

To provide space for people from lower socio-economic backgrounds and womxn to perform 

To promote social justice and equality 

To spark conversations on issues within the arts as well as society as a whole

To make, or contribute to, campaigns for social change alongside our performances

To work with communities 

To make high quality live performance 

To engage with a wide range of audiences 

To have fun 

To be bold 

To use performance as a form of activism 

To recognise our privilege and never forget how we got here 

shybairntheatre@gmail.co.uk | London / Newcastle, UK | 2020