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SHYBAIRN create live performance for social change.

We collaborate with artists, activists and academics to create live performance for climate justice.


We elevate issues concerning contemporary Britain, effecting social change through the minds of our audiences. We harness the values of climate justice to make sustainable performance which is playful and accessible to audiences.

SHYBAIRN comes from the geordie phrase “shy bairns get nowt,” which means ‘shy kids get nothing’ or ‘if you don’t ask you don’t get.’ 


Caitlin Evans (she/her) - Director & Lead Producer

I’m Caitlin, a theatre-maker and producer from Newcastle based in London. I graduated from MFA Advanced Theatre Practice at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in 2019, founding SHYBAIRN in my final year. I collaborate with a range of artists unique to each performance, supporting northern and working-class artists in particular. I'm excited by the potential of performance in climate activism.


Becky Jones (she/her) - Associate Producer


Based in Dorking, Becky is a freelance producer, theatre-maker and facilitator. Her practice is rooted in experimentation, is often socially engaged, crosses forms and is structurally daring. Becky has experience working on projects that explore marginalised identities, are inherently political and engage communities and young people in truly participatory ways. Becky is motivated by collaboration, the creative dynamic of a team and working for the work.

Nic Farr (they/he) - Designer

Nic is a multidisciplinary artist and theatre-maker from Newcastle. After training at Edinburgh College of Art and the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama they have worked as an artist, graphic designer, and scenographer, specialising in contemporary, devised work. They enjoy responding to unique performance spaces and creating environments for play and exploration. Nic's research interests include queer performance practices, architectural theory and history, and site-specific performance. 

We work with lots of other wonderful collaborators on each project.




To spark conversations 

To challenge

To grow 

To have fun 

To be bold 

To use performance as a form of activism 

To recognise our privilege and never forget how we got here

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